Raise Funds & Recycle with Bottle Drives in Calgary

Need to earn money for your organization? Skip the standard fundraiser and have a bottle drive! Trail Bottle Depot will help you with organizing bottle drives in Calgary and surrounding areas. We will also take the collected bottles from you and recycle them. Whether it’s a school, youth or religious organization or any other non-profit entity, bottle drives are an easy and fun way to generate cash for your group. Because there’s no merchandise to handle or money to collect, a bottle drive is an easy way to raise funds in a short period of time.

Recycling plastic water bottles is not only an easy way to raise funds for your cause but also helps in conserving space that can be used for other waste. These plastic water bottles can be recycled to convert into new goods instead of becoming waste going to the landfill.

Here’s How to Get Started on Your Bottle Drive

Step 1: Schedule
Please email Trail Bottle Depot with the details given below:

    Step 2: Promote Your Drive

    The best way to inform the people in your community about the date and time of the drive is to advertise it on social media platforms. You can also place door hangers in your community to attract more audience for the drive.

    Step 3: Organizing the Drive

    Being organized for the bottle drive can help reduce confusions. Keep a count of the volunteers and the vehicles that will be used for the drive. Have one or two volunteers wait at a drop-off site and the others at different important spots. Preplan your routes and have a map. Also you need to allocate each vehicle for a particular route.

    Once this is organized, all you need to do is to enjoy the drive. Also keep the volunteers informed about the spot they need to meet at after the drive is complete. This spot will be where our utility trailer or cube van will be parked and waiting for the bottles that have been collected.

    Step 4: Counting and Billing

    Keep Trail Bottle Depot informed when you have completed the drive, so that we can come over with our utility trailer or cube van. We help you out by picking up your collected bottles for free and offering immediate cash payments. We use an advanced automatic counting technology that helps in counting the number of bottles collected so that it’s less of a hassle. Our team will also help you sort the collected bottles and give you a detailed receipt.

    We will also email you the total number of bottles collected within a few days, after we complete the counting process.

    When you conduct a bottle drive, you’re helping people keep their homes clear of empty beverage containers. Additionally, you’re giving the people and organizations of your community a chance to support the environment by recycling! This will also help you gain support for your group through their donations. Everyone wins!

    We do provide transport and all the equipment needed for large bottle drives in Calgary. Some conditions apply. Contact us now to start a bottle drive to support your cause!


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