Comprehensive E-Waste Recycling in Calgary

Do you have broken computers, remotes and televisions that are of no use? Bring them to us and we’ll help you dispose them of in a safe manner. At Trail Bottle Depot, we offer e-waste recycling services in Calgary and surrounding areas. If electronic devices are disposed of in the open, it is neither safe for the environment nor for humans, as they take years to decompose. We accept all kinds of electronic waste such as gaming consoles, CD players, extension cords, cellphones and more. Visit us and drop off your electronic waste at our facility, and we will make sure they are recycled and not just thrown away to corrode.

Harmful Effects of E-Waste

Most electronic waste or e-waste, as it is commonly known, is sent to landfills. Sometimes e-waste is also incinerated in landfills which release materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium to the environment. When e-waste is heated, toxic chemicals are released into soil, groundwater and atmosphere and can have an adverse impact on the environment and living beings.

Materials such as lead, zinc, barium can cause damage to human blood, kidneys and also for the nervous system. To prevent this, recycling of e-waste can help in reducing the harmful effects on the environment.

How Does E-Waste Recycling Work?

One of the important factors in recycling e-waste method involves efficient separation of materials from the electronics. Iron-based materials, glass or various types of plastic used in electronics can be recycled. Even aluminum and copper can be reused. This is where Trail Bottle Depot comes into the picture. We are here to collect e-waste for the recycling process in Calgary. We accept all kinds of e-waste and recycle them.

If you are an organization producing recyclable waste on a daily basis, we also provide recyclable pick-up services.

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Join us in making this world a better place! Contact Trail Bottle Depot and deposit your e-waste for recycling in Calgary today. Go through our recycling tips here.


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